oh catch up. how i loathe you!

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although i have very little proof, we had a very craft+activity-filled few months. i just didn’t take a lot of pictures. i forgot how much work it is to craft with the two and a half year old! whew.


i did get a picture of this random-ness. we watched youtube videos of turkeys and then made one. hey, they liked it. plus, they ate it.




we also did a LOT of christmas crafts. i just can’t prove it. here is the single one i managed to photograph, i think.DSC_2898


side note, my girls are really into doing performances for me. i would show you a picture of mercy but mercy tends to be bum-nakie during said performances, resulting in a slightly pg-13 version. okay never mind, mercy tends to be nakie-bum all the time.DSC_2909

and literally days before we flew to the usa for furlough, we had a little birthday party for addy. this is one of her new friends, blythe.DSC_2935


that is the entire catch up. yeah right, huh? anyway, these are the last few pictures before furlough. that catch up comes next.

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