it was that day. you know. that one. it almost started rough. oh wait, it kind of did. it could have been worse. oh wait, it was pretty bad.


yet it was a really good day.




i think not.



so if you missed something along the way, i am single parenting. christian left around 3am on thursday morning and will be gone until monday night/tuesday morning. i knew it was going to be a little rough, with him leaving four days after grammie and pops left.


addy is going through a phase. i call it “wake-up-and-get-in-bed-with-mom-and-dad-every-night.” so because she was in my bed, i turned my alarm off. because christian is gone, i am sleeping somewhat poorly. consequently we all woke up around 6:30a.


grrr. i really like getting up at least an hour before my girls. it really helps my emotional status. however i am reading a super amazing devotional my mom got me called “Jesus Calling” and i am continually reminded to allow the Holy Spirit to orchestrate my day. so with a deep breath, i drank two seventeen cups of coffee and read my bible outloud to two starving children.


that’s right. i made them wait until 7:30 in the morning before feeding them. worst mother of the year in their books. ♥


consequently you have exhibit a, where i allowed my children to pull out every spice i own in an effort to keep them entertained which somewhat allowed me to make us them breakfast.


you might think i am over reacting but mercy cannot ever ever ever be left alone. she is crazy child. she can make anything dangerous. exhibit b would be my feeble attempt to go potty for the first time this morning. this is a childproof obviously very dangerous room.


do you people see what i am up against? hello, the child is a peanut here. the child is twenty eight inches tall. she is a seventeen pound one year old. that table is almost as tall as her. she was standing on it laughing wickedly by the time i got in there {i should mention, due to the fact that addy was yelling, “mama, sissy is doing something very, very naughty!”}


i moved them into the living room and attempted to make microwave oatmeal for myself.


our microwave is quite possibly possessed. i’ve never changed the power level yet some days it defrosts and other days it incinerates. the other half of the missing oatmeal became microwave paint.


i really, really wanted a shower this morning. but the kid can’t be left alone. so i came up with thee brilliant plan-o. i buckled her into her booster seat {i almost left this in california? um, hello dumbo!}. i set her in the middle of the living room and pulled out a tub of toys and a tub of books. i assigned addy the job of “entertain sissy.” can you guess who was thrilled with this plan and who was slightly less than happy about it?


i took man’s fastest shower. and woman’s.


i rinse my hair with diluted apple cider vinegar. i mention this because just as i was pouring it on my hair, a forceful stream of water began spraying me in the face to where i couldn’t breathe. i opened my eyes without thinking and got vinegar in my eyes. oh yes, the shower faucet exploded mid-shower. think broken fire hydrant spraying straight into the sky. now think broken faucet spraying straight into my face.


about half way through, addy did yell {we were talking back and forth} “um, mama…she’s pooping.” but i didn’t think much about it. i mean, the kid eats mostly solids so if you must know the truth, she poops mostly turds. yup, major blog tmi.


but i was not prepared for the stench that greeted me upon reentry into the living room. it was not good. i am sorry to post a poo picture. but seriously people…this is poo. almost to her neck. and that was just one of the four ways it managed to escape her diaper.


the kid hasn’t had a blow out in over six months.


i’m gonna go with too many cherries. and strawberries. and apricots. and plums.


oh seasonal fruit that i will never again see until next summer.


i’m considering feeding her white rice tomorrow.


it’s a six month outfit and it’s getting a little tight on her. i’m considering chucking it.


amazingly, i was composed. i was calm. i was cheerful.


i’m gonna have to say it was a God thing.


so I did what any responsible mother of two in a house smelling like poo would do.


i left.


i loaded up baby carrier, child, stroller, child and purse. i managed to wear mercy and get the {collapsed} stroller and addy on the bus but with recent rain, mud and a very full bus, it was not easy {think muddy wheels of the stroller coming into very close contact with not thrilled people}.


we exited el bus-o {a little spanish ya know} and walked all the way from one end of “main” street to the other end. we found a sweet old lady that we tried talking with and i ended up buying little hats for $3 each.


hats are very important on children here. i’ve been chewed out more than once for not keeping my child’s head covered.


this adorable thing slept.and this one chatted with me while we ate apples and cucumbers together. when did my baby start chatting with me? {yes, that is apple showing. i think it’s cute.}
how can i have a bad day? how can i be grumpy? i get to spend my days with these two. the Lord has been showing me that it really is all about perspective.


and yes, i do let my mostly gluten free children consume the occasional mcdonald’s ice cream cones. i really think they are more air than gluten. and they get soooooo excited about them.


then we walked home. i considered the bus but i had found a great deal on a {large} pack of diapers and wasn’t sure it was possible to actually facilitate a bus ride without another adult. it was an amazing walk.


i really needed it.


i don’t know how far it is, but it is a pretty long walk. if my google maps guess-age is correct, we walked at least 4-5 kilometers or over 2.5 miles. it was awesome.


we got home and i laid the girls down. they slept. and slept. and slept.


then we met up with our friend anya who is taking care of steven and teresa’s oldest two while they are in arad with christian.


we took them to the little soviet-era amusement park for a fabulous $8 spent entertaining four kids {aiden, elias, leah + addy}.


mercy’s entertainment was completely free.


i call it: the sun.


yeah she’s cool like that.



so yeah, we definitely miss our dada around here. yet with the Lord’s help we had a really good day. ♥

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  • Traes57 says:

    very, very, very entertaining!!! I loved it! cracking up…I also have Jesus Calling that a dear friend gave me when Loads was going on in my life. It is amazing.  She also has another that I cant recall the name right now that is just as good.  Thanks for the fun ;O)

  • Cacey Klein says:

    I can totally relate. It’s so important to keep the right perspective – it’s just so easy to get bogged down when you are literally running around like a crazy person! I still buckle Emma in her booster seat so I can take a shower – works great!

  • Katrina Welch says:

    I totally know what you mean about not being able to be left alone… my 14 month old gets into EVERYTHING and it is so hard! =) Glad you had a good day despite the rough start!