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my big girl started the new school year today. crazy! she is now in the five year old group {her age appropriate group} and we are so proud of her. look at how much she has changed! {side now, i promise you these pictures are only one year apart. to the day. even christian and i were amazed and kept checking that they weren’t two years apart!}


september 2012DSC_2096


september 2013DSC_1698

and as for this one? i can’t even comprehend how much she has grown up in just a year! my baby is a talking, running, potty-trained toddler. sheesh!


september 2012DSC_2011


september 2013DSC_1741


and of course, pinterest and all its ideas…mercyfirstday


these two rock our world.




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  • Ruth Jones says:

    all I can say is–where does the time go?? I have enjoyed all the daily updates, but these pictures really show a BIG difference. Pray I will be able to hug them when you come home in Dec…Praying for you daily. Enjoy your time with your mom .. Love you all, Grandma Ruthie