25 quotes (or near-quotes) from or about Sarah since the time I have known her, in no particular order:

  1. “My sister looks just like me”
  2. “I got written up for that.”
  3. “You can choose one, or the other, or both”
  4. “That is my favorite ride”
  5. “Will you marry me?”
  6. “They are not obeying me.”
  7. “Did you seriously get a nose ring?”
  8. “Where is your tattoo?”
  9. “She’s moving in.”
  10. “Say, ‘Doh-Doh!'”
  11. “Why are you going so slow?”
  12. “Why are you going so fast?”
  13. “You’ll be scarred for life.”
  14. “I think she’s a little tipsy.”
  15. “You should come to the party.”
  16. “He’s a little difficult.”
  17. “Is that my shirt?”
  18. “Is that new?”
  19. “I like it comfy.”
  20. “That’s hil-ARI-ous!”
  21. “You think you’re so funny.”
  22. “It will be in a barn.”
  23. “Oh. My. Gosh.”
  24. “It’s a surprise.”
  25. “Package Deal.”

Happy 25th, Sarah.  Slapband.


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