then we made play dough?!

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i can’t believe i have never made play dough. it just never entered my mind. it seemed…difficult. when play dough is so…cheap? because you see, i am not brand loyal. i like to chuck my play dough. i buy the cheap-o the $1 target section stuff. i let them do whatever. a few plays into it, i throw it away as it becomes…grody. is that a word? it should be.



but yeah. i just figured buy it cheap and toss it fast. but here comes the weird part. play dough costs a pretty penny here. really?! not even real stuff or import stuff. like these little chunks of slightly dry something claiming to be play dough for four dollars. a normal amount, the amount you might get for $2 at target costs 6 or $7. really puts a damper on the whole play dough experience.



and then pinterest and its talk of delightful smelling play dough. as if my children might become smarter by playing with scented play dough. yeah, that part didn’t really catch my eye. i confess, the moolah caught my eye. seriously like two. stinking. cups. of. flour. really? do you know how much flour costs here? um. it’s almost free i swear. no but really it’s cheap.



so i read three different recipes and could not commit. i tend to do that. i wanted it all. i wanted the good smell. i wanted fast. i wanted the sparkles. i don’t have kool aid. i think i read this and this and this.



and then i did this: mix 2c flour, 1/2c salt, 3tsp cream of tarter, 2 tubes of blue glitter, 2tbsp cinnamon together. add 2tbsp oil, 2c water, a couple splashes of vanilla extract and a whole lotta pink food coloring. stir and cook on medium heat (and be very confused) while it thickens and then kind of pulls away from the pot and you run out of strength to stir (like your arm is stinking tired). turn it off and leave it for a while. pull it out of the pan and knead it and it becomes perfectly smooth.



seriously. i plan on making this from now on. we have a LOT of sparkles and a LOT of food dye and i have a LOT of scents planned. okay that is a lie. i don’t plan on making it smell all that delicious. i don’t really want my kids eating gluten-filled play dough!




{p.s. check out mercy’s mouth. she is totally saying, “opa!”}



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