Sometimes when a lot has been going on, I feel that in order to blog I need to recap my silence, explain where I’ve been. Then I realize that I’m not blogging because I don’t have time to back track. So for now…just me, running errands with this kid. We hit up the piata (uh, think bazaar), chatting with the men and women that bring their produce to sell from outside the city of Bucharest. Strange to think four and a half years ago I found this so daunting, so stressful. And  now I find it enjoyable and relaxing. After that we went across the street to the mall (where the grocery store is) and ate lunch at our favorite, McDonalds…which you will never really understand until you visit an actual European McDonalds. And we talked. Chatted actually. Wow. The conversations I have with this kid. She is funny. She is creative. She is intense. And she can talk about so many different things at once. We covered space and Mars and the moon. We covered DNA. We discussed life and gymnastics. We discussed magic and the tooth fairy. We discussed boys please pinch me now. Conversations with this kid are never ever boring. I can’t wait to see what she becomes. 

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