six months {part two}

six months.



ha, i am a poet.


seriously though i can’t explain the first six months in the life of a newly uprooted missionary {family}. there were times when everything was a breeze. and there were times when i didn’t think i could keep plugging along. there have been times when our bodies have threatened to shut down completely but thanks to the Lord and a whole lotta prayers we have been able to continue down this road.


if i have learned anything in six months this one seems to be at the top – – the prayers of our family and friends are one of the most important pieces to this puzzle called missionary.


so on that note, thank you for praying for us. thank you for sending us mail, packages and emails. thank you for posting scriptures to our facebook pages. i know we don’t answer them as often as we would like but please know this, they mean a lot.


keep praying for us. summer will come to an end. the church will launch this fall. and then the holidays will be here which we know will be another challenge in our journey!


we love you all very much and are very blessed to call all of you our team!


love, christian, marie, addy and mercy


and a few videos from our first two weeks here:




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