so not chia

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chia seeds seem to be one of the new, hip, cool health foods right now.


you can’t get chia seeds here in moldvoa {that i know of}. if you really feel like sending me some, be my guest, ha!


but you know what you can get? basil seeds. {the kind for eating.} and even though right now, you are wondering if i am crazy – – they pack a healthy little punch!


so i bought some and had no idea what to do. i soaked them and was so stinking intrigued. i may have told addy i had a cup full of eyeballs. now she is asking me if we are going to eat eyeballs for lunch.


their texture is something like tapioca or boba tea or even sushi fish eggs {just without the taste of fish!} i have no idea if they compare to chia because i have never tasted chia.


but i created this little beverage and dang it, i like it.


harmless looking basil seeds:

add water:

eyeballs emerge freakishly fast:

add stevia and kefir to taste:

crazy or not, i liked it. christian tasted it and shuddered. we came to this conclusion – – if you like boba tea or tapioca pudding, you would probably like basil seed kefir. but if you think the texture of tapioca is somewhat disgusting {like my husband} than this is not the health beverage for you.


addy like it though. and mercy. they are cool like that.


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