I’ve never really been a big talker. I’d like to say that I am the strong, silent type, but honestly my thoughts are just so weird I’d be embarrassed to share them with people. There aren’t a lot of people I share my thoughts with, as I prefer to stay quiet. But you know all that already.

That’s why it was a stretch for me to begin teaching in the church. I don’t really like speaking publicly. Maybe I was shamed as a child and don’t remember it, or maybe I just know that I don’t have a lot to say. When I started teaching regularly, it was a stretch. But that’s one of the ways I know that Spirit has moved in my life – preaching is different than just speaking. That’s when I met you, though. I was teaching and leading a small group of young adults when you walked in. But when you walked in, I stopped talking.

And for the last 10 years you’ve heard me talking. I’ve told you things that no one else has ever heard. I’ve told you things I wish I hadn’t. I’ve told you things you wish I hadn’t. We’ve lived life together: the ups and downs, the joy and grief, the silence and the speech. I can’t say I expected 10 years to go by so quickly. This adventure we’re on wouldn’t be an adventure without you. We’ve talked, cried, laughed, held each other, and sat quietly. Without you, I don’t know what my life would be like, and to be honest, I don’t care to know because it wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as it is.

You’ve always been worth more than rubies, but when people talk about loving your spouse more as time goes on, I am beginning to understand. Because even now, when you walk in the room, I’m speechless. And in 10 more years, I still will be.

I love you.

Happy 10.


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