spring is here!

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wow. a month since my last post…it goes just that fast! we are all alive and well around here.

(i think.)


christian was in florida and the bahamas for a week. and while it wasn’t the tropical oasis you are picturing right now, he came home excited and refreshed about ministry. at first i was a little jealous (since i am the wanderer in the family) but after he got home, i was convicted that it was way, way worth being a single parent of four kids and letting him go!


a is doing pretty good in school (even getting a math award) although she is still learning the dynamics of being in a classroom. she is very good in school and probably a little bored, so teaching her to still be focused and respectful is taking a little work. she is growing…half an inch in the last two weeks is just the latest measurement!


b is going to start preschool, finally! everything to do with a foster child involves red tape and time, including enrolling her in preschool. i think we started the process towards the end of january. i have been working on her letters and numbers and colors and shapes and she asks me every morning, “mom, do i have homework today?”


c is getting smaller, faster and all around more active! she is definitely two and some days it just helps to remind myself of that fact. she talks a lot but i am not sure she is thinking all that much while she is talking, heh heh heh! she is positive that everything is the color pink or “lellow” no matter what you tell her. her and addy still play amazingly together which is a blessing!


addy is still the “petite” one in the family (aw, the nice word for short and scrawny!). but oh, does she hold her own. she’s the quietest one of the bunch but she is definitely the thinker around here. she’s also the climber and can scale anything, including a high chair, the sofa, a coffee table, the toilet, etc. she’s giving me gray hairs with that one. she also loves to be outside at any time.


i’ve started potty training my toddlers. c is 2 years, 4 months and very resistant to the idea of sitting on the potty. we are using the bribery method and offering small candies for any form of success. addy is obsessed with the potty and will sit on it whenever you let her so i figured, why not? she is actually the most successful of the two although i am sure c understands what is going on better. we aren’t taking a very aggressive approach and my goal is to be finished sometime this summer, hopefully.


ministry is going good. it took a little time, getting into the “groove” of things and figuring out what works and what doesn’t, but it is really coming together. auntie doh-doh is our other arm, leg and mind and she is playing a big part in the whole thing. sorry grammie, you can never have her back. 🙂 the kids are learning what it means to have both parents work at the church. “we are always here, ya know,” one of them told me last week. it’s true…they nap in the cry room, they clean the church with us, they attend both sunday morning services…the list goes on!

we had friends visit…avery from ukraine/romania and her husband florin and cameron (avery’s brother who is on the east coast going to college right now). we went to the beach and (of course), aunt sarah photographed it for us. whew.















we also had a little surprise party for auntie “g” which included ten adults and thirteen kids!







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