stinky pits…

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auntie doh took pictures of addy. originally i planned on taking 18 month pictures but somehow they became 20 month pictures. it was fun anyway! addy is getting a quirky personality – – opinionated (like her mama?) yet with a good sense of humor (like her daddy?!) she’s my little helper with everything – – cooking, cleaning, working. she’s really into her body parts and identifying them. i finally started writing down the ones she shows me (daily!).

the common ones:

head – hair – face – ear – nose – eye – mouth – teeth – tongue – lips – arm – hand

finger – tummy – leg – foot – belly button – elbow – knee

and a few she named herself (i hope):

piggies – stinky pit – booty booty booty – ba bas

piggies are toes, thanks to grammie. i’m not sure where stinky pits came from and yes, she always says booty three times in a row. if you can’t do the math on the last one, ask yor mama. 🙂


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