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my baby girl is tactile. i can’t deny it. all the signs point to her being tactile and i know first hand what a tactile child is like. why? because i am was one. 🙂 today, we started with finger painting on a cool big piece of paper i found when i was cleaning out the garage. we ended with? well, you can see for yourself. 🙂

the pictures of her wearing sponge bob boxers are after i washed her off and while i was mopping the kitchen floor. i told her, “addy go get some clothing on” and this is what she picked out. i love this kid.


special thanks to:

moomoo for letting me be just that creative as a child

grandma for buying us a serious amount of art supplies

our amazing land-lady for being really smart and putting vinyl floors in our house

dohdoh for bringing home a costco size box of wet swiffer sheets

daddy for cleaning the house every week so that we can make a mess!


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