yay mercy

By Kids, Moldova

mercy has been a champ this week. she’s been teething, getting her top (right side) front tooth. or so we thought. she’s also been fighting a fever, ear ache and snotty nose. all possible symptoms of teething or a bug. then low and behold i am playing with her and making her laugh and i look closer…only to find that she is cutting ALL FOUR OF HER TOP TEETH. i didn’t even know that was possible. no wonder the kid has been such a grump. ♥

we were blessed with a washing machine. then we were blessed with a new and improved (non-leaking, non-earthquaking) washing machine. what i didn’t realize is that the front loading washing machine was most definitely created by a mother. i was able to make dinner and clean the kitchen while mercy laughed, giggled and danced with our clothing. (side note: please appreciate her adorable cloth diaper bum in jeans!) here is just a little piece of the fun:

today we discovered that whenever you say, “yay mercy,” she will respond by smiling brilliantly and clapping for herself. she only claps for herself. she doesn’t clap if you say “yay addy” or “yay dada.” we tried. she has very high self esteem. 🙂

hope you enjoy these two videos of this quickly growing (at least mentally!), goofy kid! she sure makes us smile and laugh.