father’s day

happy father’s day pops!

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christian and i have both been blessed to have a loving relationship with our dad. looking back, i can see how my relationship with my dad helped me to be more secure in who i was. crazy how that all works together, huh? i can also see how my dad helped me form a healthy picture of my heavenly father.


i have missed my dad a lot more than i expected. i knew i would miss him with moving to moldova. that was a given. but i guess i’ve just missed him a little bit more than i planned. while he was here visiting, i found myself watching him love of his grand babies and feeling so thankful that the Lord has given my daughters this amazing gift of their pops.


i have a lot i could say but i think this slideshow says it better.


i love you daddy! ♥


p.s. there’s also a slideshow for grandpa jim here


with love from sleeping beauty and cinderella ♥

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i married an only child.


there is nothing wrong with marrying an only child.


although there is always the chance that they don’t do kids well.


but i didn’t need to worry.


i married a natural. ♥


dear hubs,


thank you for being an amazing, caring, silly, loving, passionate, driven, concerned, protective, fun and completely awesome daddy to our princesses. we love you so much and are so thankful the Lord gave you to us! thank you for being our prince charming.


love forever,


marie {aka mama}, cinderella {aka addy} and sleeping beauty {aka mercy}


p.s. happy father’s day!