through the eyes of a child

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we recently started visiting an orphanage outside of chisinau. it is such good practice for our language! this is my little friend and she loves to take pictures with my cell phone and the first time she took pictures i had over a hundred when i got home! to make things even more fun, not only does she love to take pictures, she loves to take pictures of me. i have never had so many pictures of myself on my own cell phone! enjoy this random post of silly and somewhat scary photos…good thing they are blurry, ha!


my hair stylists.

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how do i study romanian while parenting a four year old and a one and a half year old?


beauty parlor.


meets massage therapist.


i’m studying.


can’t you tell?



chisinau at night

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on my actual birthday, c + the girls took me out for dinner. then we met up with our friends for coffee and dessert. it was a great monday followed by taking the train to bucharest the next day. i can’t believe i’m thirty-one. guess i’m officially “in” my thirties, ha! i snapped a few pics, just using the crazy random street lights as we walked down stefan cel mare. i really, really love this city at night!

mama and me

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mercy is a mama’s girl. every day i fall in love with her a little more. she seems so shy to others, but this is my goofy baby girl in the comfort of her own home. we call these funny faces and kissies. ♥