happy first birthday, mercy adoniyah ♥

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here are the pictures, finally! we celebrated her birthday over a two week span including a birthday party while grammie and pops were here and then a family day gone almost bad on her actual birthday. ahhhh life. i was very thankful that we had planned to have her party two weeks early because she ended up having a repeat of roseola on her actual birthday! {yes it is possible to get roseola twice, we learned.} anyway, here is yet another blog post of mass picture catch up!


the party was a beautiful combination of grandmas and aunties, the united states and moldova. grammie brought over quite a few birthday party necessities from joanns, target, amazon, auntie cacey, auntie dohdoh…you get the idea!


i have been learning a lot about my youngest and her little fire-y personality. but i have also been realizing that she is analytical and pensive. she had four entire birthday guests plus her family members and it was almost too much.


ready and waiting – – we thought maybe a gift would get her interested.


but she was not thrilled.


there is nothing cuter than the red eyed half smile of uncertainty. i think the tissue paper freaked her out at first.


her birthday outfit. i found this fabric on etsy and grammie used one of my vintage patterns. we found these brand new shoes at the second hand for less than $4! the sweater is the present from the pictures above. she was adorable.


birthday cake place of honor. {and amazing birthday crown from auntie whitney.}


one year of monthly pictures.


the cake. gluten free mix from the states (low stress), moldovan-version butter cream frosting (okay technically the second batch), bunting and decorations from dohdoh and mushroom cupcakes by teresa.


the guests (minus liam). do they come any cuter?


another mushroom only this time with a marshmallow and apple. just a little pre-sugar.


presents. the practice present actually helped.


big sister helped too. {addy did amazing and yes, we were a little surprised. i think it helped that pops was next to her the entire time.}


a little sophie the giraffe from big sister.


it’s love.


this was her initial reaction to her cake. in case you can’t tell, she isn’t all that thrilled. we probably should have practiced candles along with presents.


the “is this safe?” look for grammie.


but then surprisingly, she had no hesitations about exploring the cake. i have already noticed that she seems to be very, very tactile!


the “is this okay to eat?” look.


and the taste.


i now introduce you to baby-that-has-officially-consumed-sugar.


victory. this kid has never eaten this much food in one setting. ever. she just kept eating and eating.


and then she was done. she chucked the last few pieces on the ground and asked to get out of her chair.


post cake belly. i know, it’s pretty impressive.


oh look, someone decided to finally crack a smile.


two weeks later…birthday morning. {can you say sick? the past three days mercy had been having a pretty high temperature.}


special gluten free pancake mix from grandma ducky.


and grandma ducky and grandpa jim’s birthday present for mercy. it was a hit.


the candle professional.


yeah that’s right. she is still blowing even though the candle is long gone.


the test…


the look of approval!


addy trying to eat her pancakes like a big girl:


resorting to a much more efficient method!


happy pancake tummy!


oh and maybe a little birthday chocolate milk to wash it down.


addy helping mercy discover her new play telephone…


bath toys from aliana:


then we decided to try and have a special outing. mercy’s fever seemed gone and she seemed fine. it didn’t go so well. it was hot and sticky. mercy did a lot of this move {the mid walking tantrum.}


and gave this look a lot:


and then low and behold she broke out in a rash. we weren’t sure if she was having an allergic reaction, severe heat rash or what so we decided to call it quits and come home.


although this one did get to ride on a {huge} horse for fifty cents!


we got home, napped and regrouped. we put the candle in a chocolate-covered zefir {meringue-type dessert} and it was a hit.


happy one year of life, mercy adoniyah. i can’t wait to see what the second year of your life holds!

with love from sleeping beauty and cinderella ♥

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i married an only child.


there is nothing wrong with marrying an only child.


although there is always the chance that they don’t do kids well.


but i didn’t need to worry.


i married a natural. ♥


dear hubs,


thank you for being an amazing, caring, silly, loving, passionate, driven, concerned, protective, fun and completely awesome daddy to our princesses. we love you so much and are so thankful the Lord gave you to us! thank you for being our prince charming.


love forever,


marie {aka mama}, cinderella {aka addy} and sleeping beauty {aka mercy}


p.s. happy father’s day!


happy birthday, baby girl ♥

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today is sissy’s real birthday (even though we had a party a few weeks back).


and suddenly i have no words to convey my thoughts or my love for this amazing little gift the Lord saw fit to give us.


my sister said it best when she told me, “i never expected to be sanctified this much through my children.”


so i guess i owe mercy a few thank yous.


thank you baby girl for teaching me that love doesn’t divide, it multiplies.


thank you baby girl for teaching me that anything and everything has the potential to be dangerous to your well being.


thank you baby girl for teaching me that not all kids are born outgoing and social but some are born more thoughtful and analytical.


thank you baby girl for teaching me to slow down and learn how you need individual quality time.


i can think of so many things to say about my youngest daughter but for now i will just leave you with this – – a little recap from the first year of her life.


we love you so much, mercy adoniyah klein burtt. you are precious to your mama, dada, big sister and a whole lotta family and friends! ♥


p.s. you can check out daddy’s post here



p.p.s. both of the songs in the slideshow are super cool covers, huh? check out this blog called “52.” it’s pretty cool!

goodnight baby girl

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tonight i laid my baby girl down to sleep for the last time.


yeah, yeah, i know. tomorrow she will only be a day older.


but she will be one.


and mamas out there know what i am feeling tonight.


i don’t know if mercy is my last baby or not…which is why i am so thankful that my own mama has been reminding me from day one to enjoy every moment {even the exhausting parts} like they are my last.


so whether or not i have another baby to rock to sleep someday, tonight i took my time snuggling and kissing my baby girl. because i know tomorrow she is going to wake up a little older.




goodnight, mercy girl. see you when you are one!


p.s. sorry for the fuzzy phone pictures.
p.p.s. i do realize she is wearing christmas pjs. they are surprisingly thin. and they still fit. so why not?
p.p.p.s. check back tomorrow for a special photo montage of the birthday girl!
p.p.p.p.s. but a little video to hold grandma and grammie over for now


happy birthday, grammie! ♥

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this is a fun time to have grammie and pops visiting. they got here on mother’s day. before they leave, we are celebrating mercy’s first birthday. and today, we celebrated grammie’s birthday.

we started the morning with eggs, potatoes and fresh fruit.


the girls are really into all the fruit options right now!


addy has a thing for cherries.


and mercy has a thing for strawberries.


pops has a thing for grammie. ♥


then pops and daddy stayed home with the girls so grammie and mama could have a date on the town. it was a blast and included a coffee date, introducing grammie to the market, almost losing grammie to a jam packed bus and a few other exciting events.


we ended the day with soup and bread. and then a candle in a little goodie called chocolate zefir.



grammie may have been attempting to introduce mercy to chocolate before her first birthday. oh grammie.


she wasn’t into it at all. whatsoever. can’t you tell?


this one loves zefir.


happy birthday grammie. thanks for being an amazing mother and grandmother. we love you and are so thankful that you are here in moldova with us on your birthday.

oh yeah it’s thursday.

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so my parents come in on sunday.

we aren’t excited.

nope, not at all.

i even forgot it’s thursday, the day i try and post about mercy. and i’m kind of tired and even though technically when i wake up it will still be thursday for most of our blog followers, i am still going to post tonight. just a little something.

five random iphone photos i like:

seriously. this kid and her facial expressions. crack. me. up.
i ♥ her!

sisters ♥

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my only regret as a child that i can really put my finger on…is that i wish my sisters and i had become closer sooner. my prayer for my girls is that they would learn at an earlier age than i did just how special they are to each other.

addy was reading…mercy noticed her and came crawling (i know, i know, she sports a pretty cool headband look). yes, they are reading a pop-up “night before christmas” book. and yes, mercy has eaten part of addy’s book in the last picture. over half of our board books are missing pieces that have been consumed by our youngest child.

a moldovan easter weekend

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we had a pretty good easter, all things considered. i had planned on getting more things accomplished but in the end, we did what we did! i started matching dresses for the girls six days before easter. bad idea. i got the flu thursday night and it took every ounce of my energy on friday and saturday. needless to say i still need to finish their dresses (which are really cute by the way!). addy and i did some strings/glue eggs (similar to something i saw on pinterest) except that the balloons here are actually somewhat possessed and our garland is going to be really cute year round stuff instead. {pictures in a later post, promise!} addy and i also made some cool crystal eggs from a website my mom sent me although i just realized i haven’t taken any pictures of them yet. oh well, maybe those will be in a later post also. we also dyed eggs. psycho eggs. with crazy dye. seriously it was an experiment.


we had these eggs. but i read around on the internet and some people actually prefer to dye brown eggs. the website i found said to give them a diluted vinegar bath before coloring them. i followed the instructions and my eggs became splotchy. everything i read said pat the eggs dry, don’t rub them…but i am not sure they were talking about my eggs.


this was the dye. it was liquid. it squirted all over my hands and my hands became deep, maroon red. i was a little worried and it took washing the dishes all day and the next before the dye came off (lucky christian!)


addy thought coloring eggs was a blast. she kept talking about making the eggs pretty and keeping them forever. the eggs came out…interesting. they were obviously extremely splotchy. some turned deep dark colors and some not so much. the good part is that i also found those shrinky-dink thingies and we added those. those make all eggs look better.


sunday morning…mercy does not seem to have inherited puffy morning eyes quite like addy did. this is also a quick glimpse of dada without coffee. okay that’s a little mean…he was also getting sick. he’s not normally that sad/serious/scary looking with or without coffee!


i don’t know who thought giving a three year old candy upon waking was a brilliant or fun idea. i really plan on rethinking our easter traditions for next year. i don’t go overboard…i found these hollow chocolate eggs and addy also got a mini package of skittles. but really, what was i thinking. here’s come chocolate, addy…but no, you can’t eat it yet.


{side note, they box said “egg of gold” and it was obviously hollow with something in it. i was thinking maybe there would be little “gold” coins in it…but no, there was this piece of white chocolate in the shape of…an olympic symbol? what is that thing?


this is mercy opening her box. she really likes boxes.


this is mercy after receiving a centimeter-sized taste of the white chocolate inside before giving it to dada. she also really likes sugar, obviously. shocking.


this is a three year old that has been told they don’t get to eat a bag of skittles (miniature or not) and a chocolate egg (hollow or not) for breakfast. it went over quite well, if you can’t tell. then christian took the girls into their bedroom while i tried to figure out something better.


and it came to me. i can’t credit another source but i probably saw this or something similar somewhere. maybe i saw it on a blog or pinterest, who knows. it was brilliance either way. the eggs are in cups due to the psycho-ness of the egg dye. this egg dye might stain skin for days but it practically wiped off our eggs. just plain weird if you ask me!


i cut a peice of paper into eight squares and drew (is that the right word? i’m losing my english!) the fastest drawings known to man. so don’t judge the quality. i actually know how to draw when i don’t have two children staging a revolt in the other room.


i hid the eggs in said locations. i went in and told addy, “you won’t believe it. our breakfast is lost! someone stole it and hid it throughout our house. here are the clues and you have to find our food so we can eat.” she just wasn’t digging it at first. she was still thinking about miniature bags of skittles and hollow chocolate eggs.


and then she found the first egg and she was hooked. she came bolting back, “mama! i found the treasure! give me another clue!”


that wonky little picture? it’s our vacuum, obviously.


she go so into it, she would “read” the clue…”go to the vacuum and somewhere is the treasure egg.”


she searched high and low and would laugh each time she would discover the hiding spot. she would also “oooo” and “ahhh” over each egg even though she had seen them all many times before.


i’m telling you, it was my moment of God-given brilliance and redemption for giving my kids candy before breakfast and then not letting them eat it.


the closest one is our heater. there’s a video at the very end of her looking for the final egg (under the heater).


a very proud and accomplished treasure-hunter! after a fun breakfast, showers, pretty outfits and such, we headed out of town where we spent the rest of the day with three other families from church. this is the view from the house we were at.


it’s amazing what just a few weeks of rain can do…do you see the little white buds on those trees. they are so close to being in full bloom.


four families can actually put together quite a spread!


that’s our ever talented teresa…do you see the double plates in one hand serving job going on there? yup, talent!


the kids’ table: cristi and ludmila’s oldest – cristinel, steven and teresa’s oldest – aiden and our oldest too.


eating a mushroom like a big girl.


then these two played outside. i swear with their love-hate relationship, they just might end up married. they were “rowing” a boat obviously. they are a year apart in age but elias is almost as tall and has a few pounds on her!


a (kind of) long video of addy finding her last egg. should you choose to watch it…please ignore all the towels on the kitchen floor (our fridge leaks) and the messy condition of our home…i was still getting over the flu!


mercy the obedient child…not really!

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hi. my name is mercy adoniyah. i am nine and a half months old. i have skinny legs and a buddha belly after i eat a full meal. daddy put this disposable diaper on me and if you can’t tell i am really into wearing it plumber style. ♥

in other news, although i love saying “tickle, tickle, tickle” while chasing my big sister throughout the apartment…when my mama tries to record it, i refuse to say a word.

i also have six teeth and am working on two more. i refuse to show a soul or a camera which is making my auntie doh doh very unhappy. ♥

see you next week!

yay mercy

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mercy has been a champ this week. she’s been teething, getting her top (right side) front tooth. or so we thought. she’s also been fighting a fever, ear ache and snotty nose. all possible symptoms of teething or a bug. then low and behold i am playing with her and making her laugh and i look closer…only to find that she is cutting ALL FOUR OF HER TOP TEETH. i didn’t even know that was possible. no wonder the kid has been such a grump. ♥

we were blessed with a washing machine. then we were blessed with a new and improved (non-leaking, non-earthquaking) washing machine. what i didn’t realize is that the front loading washing machine was most definitely created by a mother. i was able to make dinner and clean the kitchen while mercy laughed, giggled and danced with our clothing. (side note: please appreciate her adorable cloth diaper bum in jeans!) here is just a little piece of the fun:

today we discovered that whenever you say, “yay mercy,” she will respond by smiling brilliantly and clapping for herself. she only claps for herself. she doesn’t clap if you say “yay addy” or “yay dada.” we tried. she has very high self esteem. 🙂

hope you enjoy these two videos of this quickly growing (at least mentally!), goofy kid! she sure makes us smile and laugh.

flashback mercy

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sarah reminded me that we never really did anything with these pictures. we haven’t even touched them up, but i think they look really good just the way they are. this was the funnest (??) photo shoot i have done with sarah and now i realize we are a great team. i have tried taking mercy’s eight month and nine month photos on my own and oh. my. goodness. impossible? maybe. mercy’s next few months (years?) of her life might be documented in blurs of motion. i’m not joking. i don’t understand how something so little can move so fast.

on that note, here she is in all her six month adorableness. when climbing out of a metal bucket took time. when crawling was a little slow and methodical. when she sat still. those were the days of easy picture taking. 🙂

p.s. she is nine months tomorrow. how is that possible?