thankful, days eighteen through twenty-three

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18: i am thankful for our amazing church, calvary chapel skyline…that is now our sending church as we move to moldova. this is a picture of pastor manny dedicating mercy when she was three days old.

19: i am thankful for my grandmas…my grandma bell and my grandma ruth are both amazing people in my life. i still miss my grandpa john even though he’s been in heaven for three years now.

20: i am thankful for all my wonderful friends that the Lord has given me. these are just two of them, dina (holding mercy while her little guy isn’t too happy about it) and christy (holding addy back in ’08).

21: i am thankful for God’s creation. he didn’t have to make the earth so beautiful for us to live here, but he did and i love it!

22: i am thankful for laughter and things that make me laugh. this little person is just one of the gifts the Lord has given me to make me laugh more.

23: yup, i confess that i am thankful for coffee…starbucks is a favorite but i have other kinds i am thankful for also! hey, it’s okay to be thankful for the little things too!

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