thankful, days twenty-six to twenty-nine

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day twenty-six: i am thankful for changes but that the Lord never changes. i know it may seem weird, but it reminds me that the Lord is leading. yet He doesn’t always lead us to go, sometimes he leads us to stay. each change reminds us that He is right there besides us.

day twenty-seven: i am thankful for my salvation. the Lord didn’t have to die for all of us but He did because He wanted to redeem me and you. christmas day 1986 is actually my spiritual birthday.

day twenty-eight: i am thankful for prayer. prayer doesn’t always make sense to me yet each day i am reminded that prayer brings me into unity and submission and peace with my Savior.

day twenty-nine: i am thankful for the word of God and the Holy Spirit. does it get much more comforting than that? i am not alone and i don’t need to be afraid or confused. i have the inspired word of God and i was given the Holy Spirit to lead me every step of the way.

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