thankfulness, days seven, eight and nine!

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day seven: i am thankful to live in a land of plenty. i know this is a rough one to start with…but this is reality. if you have been blessed to be born in america, no matter how much you have, you are considered rich in so many countries! i am thankful for how blessed i really am.

day eight: i am thankful for my mama. this is my mama mailing letters from disneyland. i could go on and on but i am going to keep this simple and say that i am thankful for the little lessons she has taught me. she finds joy in the little things and i love that about her.

day nine: i am thankful for my dad. i have the best memories of my daddy when i was a little girl. he let me work outside with him and i am sure i was more work than help. he is seriously a gifted pops. not all men make good grandpas or even try. he tries so hard it amazes me.

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