the eighth day of christmas: crafts

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we are doing crafts around here!

last year i collect twelve kids crafts and put them in a binder. i gave a copy to my sister-in-law, cacey. i titled it, “twelve days of christmas crafts.” cacey has done a few with spencer, emma and addy when she was watching addy for me.

finger puppets:

advent wreath + one candle, hope:

addy has also been doing a lot of coloring. we like coloring around here:

today, we watched spencer and emma and i decided to do one of the crafts from the binder. it is an awesome craft to use up puzzles that are missing pieces. this is just part one. part two will come tomorrow!

paint the cardboard sides of random puzzle pieces:

let the pieces dry:

check back tomorrow for the rest of the craft!

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