the fifteenth day of christmas: lights

By December 16, 2011 One Comment

i absolutely love looking at lights. i have some pretty fond memories of loading up into the car (okay minivan) and driving/walking through various christmas tree lanes. a few trips ended with starbucks hot chocolate. there is just something very special about putting all three of your brothers in one vehicle and expecting it to go smoothly, ha!

anyway, here is a website for the californians in the bunch. i’m sure there are similar websites for other states. you can search by county and city. you can read reviews, ratings, info, etc. there are maps and links. it is pretty amazing! some of these places have food drives for charities even. last year we loaded addy up and took her to see lights and she was amazed. i can’t wait to see her reaction this year!


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  • Carrie, Reading to Know says:

    Unfortunately not many people do it here where we live. I always find that rather disappointing because I have such fond memories of piling in the car and going out to look at lights. Sigh. oh well!