the seventh day of christmas

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i will be honest. today was a challenging day. i don’t know why. maybe it had something to do with the girls waking up early. and grumpy. maybe it had something to do with me not feeling good and my mouth hurting (thank you dental work). maybe it just has something to do with it being forty days until we move. i find myself on a roller coaster of emotions. one minute i am excited about moving. the next minute i find tears streaming down my face. how can something be so exciting and yet so heartbreaking all at once?

my sister-in-law, cacey invited christian and i to go with them to a christmas party. i almost changed my mind this afternoon. mercy was fussy and clingy and hadn’t napped well at all. addy was being naughty above all else. i had pretty much decided to cancel and then i realized that i just needed to buck up and go. i’m pretty sure i will have many more days of naughty children.

so i went and i was blessed. i hung out with a bunch of awesome people…old friends and new friends. i enjoyed food, games and fellowship. i celebrated the holidays and had a great time.

that is what today, the seventh day of christmas is about.

take time.

i don’t know what you are up to this holiday season. maybe it’s fun. maybe it’s stressful. maybe it’s sad. i am a mixture of all three. but i want to enjoy the next forty days. i don’t want to say my (emotional) goodbyes too soon. i want to take the time to enjoy the holidays with my friends and my family. i want to be where i am fully committed to the moment.

here are a few pictures of the christmas tree at the home of the christmas party. i love looking at other people’s christmas decorations. so unique to each person.

matthew 1:23
behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel, which is translated, “God with us.”

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