the sixteenth day of christmas: movies

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this isn’t an exhaustive list by any means…it’s just a compilation of christmas movies i have enjoyed. and some, we technically watch all year long cause we like them. i linked them all to wikipedia. hope you enjoy this quick list!

the bishop’s wife which was remade as the preacher’s wife
(it’s a movie about a preacher and an angel and stuff…cute but not for little kids)

a christmas carol, the 2009 jim carrey version (i’ve seen multiple versions but i really like this one. it’s a little scary so it just depends on your kids…my nephew hated it when he was three years old, addy loved it.)

a christmas story (does anyone else find it strange that we call this a “classic?” i haven’t seen it in forever but i remember it being funny and kid-appropriate.)

christmas with the kranks (not a kids’ movie, but cute…one of those starts funny but ends with a little christmas sappy movies.)

elf (i think this should be a classic. my introduction to zooey deschanel…probably my favorite actress. oh and definitely a kids movie but with some imitative behavior fyi.)

ernest saves christmas (yup, i remember watching this…barely. i was probably ten.)

home alone (i loved this movie. but it is full of imitative behavior too in case you have to watch that stuff in your home…we do. we have a three year old.)

how the grinch stole christmas (i guess i like jim carrey in christmas movies…hmmmm. this is a favorite of ours.)

it’s a wonderful life (okay, a true classic. we used to watch this in black and white every thanksgiving following the macy’s day parade.)

miracle on 34th street – original only (three words: santa is real. ’nuff said.)

the nativity story (some like it, some don’t. i don’t think it’s horrible or anything, i actually like it.)

the nightmare before christmas (we are disneyland obsessed and love the haunted mansion at christmastime. plus, i really like tim burton movies.)

the polar express (there’s just something about this animation that’s super cool.)

the santa clause (i think this makes good family christmas movie status. i haven’t seen the second or third one.)

while you were sleeping (don’t laugh. this is our family’s ultimate christmas movie. i don’t care what anyone thinks. the family dinner conversation – – yeah, that’s our family. just ask christian…that is one of the things he had to get used to when he married into my family!)

white christmas (i have seen this movie many times. it’s still good.)




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