the sixth day of christmas: a paper chain

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every kid loves a paper chain. they are the perfect visual representation of time. last week, i attended a ladies christmas brunch and got this idea for a paper chain with a twist.

the idea is to print scriptures out (mine are really simple, toddler approved) and then cut them into strips of paper and make a chain…one link for every day left until christmas. (the adorable christmas blocks spell “believe” and are from costco.)

every day we take off a link, cut out the scripture and glue it on to a piece of construction paper. then i print a coloring sheet out (i google images) that goes with the scripture. as addy and i color the picture, we talk about the scripture.

we hang them on the way. so the chain gets smaller and the scriptures on the wall grow!

in other news, this christmas baby keeps up on our toes. three weeks into crawling, this stinking kid is fast! she now crawls after me as i walk away from her.

she grabs my pant legs and tries to pull herself up.

she gives me this adorable look…

and this adorable look!

oh and this one is pretty good too. this is her “talking” to me.

by the way…life isn’t always perfect in the burtt home. this is a three year old melt down…this picture is “extreme” disappointment, in case you can’t tell!

and this, well yeah this is mercy eating my shoe. i told you she is fast.

p.s. these are the scriptures the ladies’ brunch suggested:
proverbs 23:11
psalm 9:1
colossians 3:13
james 5:16
1 corinthians 16:14
romans 12:11
colossians 2:8
colossians 4:5
ephesians 4:29
thessalonians 5:16
philippians 4:16
1 thessalonians 5:11
1 thessalonians 5:15
philippians 4:18
ephesians 5:10
philippians 4:6
i john 3:18
1 thessalonians 5:18
philippians 2:4
psalm 105:3
philippians 4:5
john 14:15
ephesians 4:32
galatians 6:9

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