the tenth day of christmas

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hmmmm, a glitch in the twenty-five days of christmas. oh well, here are days ten, eleven and twelve all in a row!

finally, a finish to the puzzle craft. if you remember from a few days ago…on thursday we took a bunch of missing puzzle pieces and painted them. after they dried, we ended up covering them in sparkly glue-paint also. who doesn’t love sparkles?

after it the pieces are dry, you cut a frame from the side of a cereal box. you could use other cardboard, but this really is the ultimate recycling craft. oh and this is a kix box, in case you were wondering.

paint the frame and then glue puzzle pieces all over it. on the back tape a photo.

lastly glue a piece of construction paper on the back, inscribe it for a special someone and glue a ribbon to hang it by. i think they turned out pretty cute!

off to the post office tomorrow!

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