the twentieth day of christmas: a last minute gift project

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i wasn’t going to post this craft until after christmas but it’s just too good and too easy. if you need a last minute gift, this is it! if you think this gift is for you…just pretend it isn’t!

photo coasters

gather your photos and trim them to be a little smaller than 4″ tiles:
get some mod podge and a paint brush. there are methods to make your own mod podge online (it’s basically watered down glue) but i bought my own. okay fine, maybe my sister left her’s up here on accident.
spread a layer of mod podge on the tile and then place a photo on the tile.

as it dries, you want to continually work the air bubbles out. let them dry for a few minutes.

spread another (thickish) layer of mod podge over the photo. keep spreading with the paint brush until you are happy with the smoothness. is that a word? let them dry overnight or for a few hours. the mod podge will turn clear but leave a nice texture.

get some sort of felt or rubber “thingies.” yeah, i am sure these have a real name.

these will keep your coasters from scratching anything.

this is a clear sealant in a spray can. i really like this stuff. i made trivets with it last year and the one we gave to grammie and pops is still going strong, so i know it works well.

spray the entire coaster in a smooth back and forth motion. this part should really be done outside. let the coasters dry overnight if possible or for a few hours again.

beautiful and simple and really inexpensive!

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