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i have two more siblings that i still wanted to write a little something about. 🙂 i decided to write a post about these two together because they have a very special place in my heart. they are my younger siblings that i got to play “mom” to. 🙂 for those of you that were older when a sibling was born, you know what i mean! i wanted to share my favorite memory about each of them.

timothy was born when i was nine and i loved being older sister + mom to him. i carried him around, dressed him up and changed his diaper. and when he started talking, no one could understand him. except me. he would come into the room and say an entire long sentence and everyone in the room would turn and look at me and i would interpret. i guess i was actually bilingual back then, ha! i have always appreciated how loyal he is to us as a family and how protective he is. he is working in seattle right now and saying goodbye to him after christmas was pretty difficult. we love you, uncle t!

dora was six and a half when she joined our family. i was seventeen when i had the very special privilege of traveling to romania with dad to bring her home. i really believe traveling there when i was seventeen was one of the first seeds the Lord planted in my heart for eastern europe. while we were there in romania, i remember dad sleeping from jet lag and i was keeping an eye on dora (we were staying in a romanian hotel). i watched dora motion for me to be quiet as she tip toed over to dad and woke him up with tickles and giggles…proof that she would fit into the klein family and their sense of humor! thank you auntie dora for being such a great help these past few months. ♥

i could continue telling stories about these two. they taught me how to be a mama long before i actually became a mama. i am so thankful the Lord allowed them to be my younger siblings.

p.s. i didn’t forget to write about my sister sarah. you can find that blog here.

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