to dohdoh, love from addy

Addysen's birth 116
they have always had a bond, these two. when addy was born, we were living in socal and all our family was in norcal. one minute sarah was up north, doing her thing…the next minute she was living down south. she was the only person that every baby sat addy for at least her first year. she had a car seat and a diaper bag in her car because she always has addy with her. they slept together. snuggled together. shopped together. giggled together. even across the ocean, they have a bond. sometimes just the two of them skype. something tells me addy is gonna want to spent summers with her way cooler auntie someday. it really is love.




dear dohdoh,
i want to send you some muffins for your birthday. but it will be surprise. i love you. eat some donut cookies i think. i will come and see you soon in a couple days. i have to go to school first.
happy birthday. i am going to have a star wars birthday. what are you going to have? a princess one or a chocolate one? maybe play some games. i think you are going to be the cupcake girl.
dear dohdoh, happy birthday.
i love you. from addy

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