for the record…i do know project isn’t a verb but that’s my point. i was made to dream and create and explore on a daily basis. i think my mini adults were created similarly. 😁 so when life gets busy and we go from one “have to” to another “have to” we all get a little crabby. bleh. 😉 here are two mini projects. i made paper frames, added contact paper to one side and let them create with tissue papers before i added contact paper to the other side. simple. 😋 then we made the world’s easiest coffee cake. i learned last year that coffee cake doesn’t actually have coffee in it. it should be a simple, less sweet, usually with fruit or cinnamon or brown sugar, without frosting cake…that is eaten WITH your coffee. this is the easiest way to make a coffee cake when you are really overwhelmed. i don’t cook with mixes…ever. this is my once a year splurge. cooking gluten/corn/soy free is a lot of work but i discovered this cake mix. i order 6 mixes for $24 on amazon (ouch!) once a year. two are for birthdays and four are for very tired moments. 😂 today was one of those moments. 😇 when making this coffee cake, you make it “marie version.” you dump the cake mix, 1 c. frozen or fresh berries (ours are usually whatever is cheapest like cranberries/currents/forest blueberries), 1 c. greek yogurt or cottage cheese or a mix of the two and two eggs. mix well, dump into any kind of pan that you greased a little with coconut oil and then bake. what temp? i dunno my oven doesn’t have temperatures or even numbers. 😂 how long? use a toothpick! it will be moist because of the blueberries. i also make this cake with the dry ingredients of a 9×9 cake recipe. success! 

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