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To my Valentine...

I love you more...

(A short, non-comprehensive list of various comparisons)

...than a Romanian Christmas Faire.

(Technically, this isn't at the faire, but a picture with Santa Craig is awesome)

...than the dog loves food

(Not a picture of him eating, but you can definitely feel him thinking about food in this pic)

...than the girls love ice cream

(Fine, frozen yogurt. But you can't even tell in this pic!)

...even more than I love coffee!

(I also love you so much that I'm willing to post this terrible picture of me.)

...than Mercy loves Karate

(She looks so serious here. Don't get in her way, she'll knock your head off!)

...more than Addy loves Gymnastics

(She sticks the landing of this bar move, first time for her!)

Happy Anniversary of "First Sight"

I love you and hope that this year brings us happiness and lots of love 🙂


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