we’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship…

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it really is happening. a lot of people have asked us about details and prayer requests. here is a breakdown of our travel times and a few prayer requests.

sunday, jan 15th: go to church, go out to eat with marie’s family, drive to modesto and have dinner with christian’s family

monday, jan 16th:
9:30am – leave for the airport
2:40pm – take off from san fransisco

tuesday, jan 17th:
1:30am – land in frankfurt, germany (10:30am local time)
12noon – take off from frankfurt (9:00pm local time)
2:00pm – land in kiev, ukraine (12midnight local time)

wednesday, jan 18th:
3:00pm – drive to chisinau, moldova (1:00am local time)
11:00pm – arrive in chisinau (9:00am local time)

prayer requests:
the goodbyes today and tomorrow ♥
safe travels and calm (sleepy?!) kids
favor with the airlines, tsa security, etc
that our tubs would travel safely and untouched (and weigh the right amount!)
finding an apartment as soon as possible (we will be staying with steven and teresa but
if possibly we would like to move into our apartment while sarah is there to help)
there is probably more that i can’t think of so just pray as the Spirit leads!

we may be quiet for a few days. no scratch that…we will be quiet for a few days. we will try and up date once we are there safely!

a little clip of the song we keep singing to addy:

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