what didn’t get blogged about this month…

i get to the end of the month and have pictures i still want to share…but i don’t have time to write a blog post about each event. and you probably don’t want to read a blog post about each event. 🙂


but these three monkeys that i call my family…i just can’t get enough of them. sooooo here is what didn’t get blogged about this month!


we borrowed teresa’s thermometer, bought raw goat’s milk at the market and pasteurized it…all for mercy. mercy in turn got some chunky thighs. mama is proud. ♥


we saw a car accident:


the sun came out and everything warmed up and bloomed. now we spend saturdays exploring chisinau:

(who needs starbucks when you can get free wi-fi and plug your laptop in here?


we had a visitor (caleb!) from ukraine:


we did a little sewing…


we ate apples:


we ate gluten-free cookies from dohdoh ♥


we received letters, letters and more letters! (spencer, emma, grace, ashlyn, aliana, grandma, grammie…we love mail!)


we got sick (snotty noses and more!)


we read books:


we played with friends:


we got a care package from grammie and pops:


also, because you need a flashback…remember this dress i made for mercy?
{she’s one month old here.}

and these leggings from target? {she’s five months old here.}

the benefits of a slow growing child {at ten months old}!

and yes, the pants are still pinned five+ months later…


i actually didn’t take as many pictures as i thought i would this month. i thought with it being warmer and mercy getting older i would start taking pictures more often. i actually take them less often. that kid is busy. she climbs anything. eats everything. she’s fast. sneaky. smart. i barely have time to get my camera out.


but be expecting a whirlwind of pictures.


a certain someone we like to call grammie and pops just might be visiting this months!!!!!

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