dancing with dada ♥

spring is coming ever so slowly. it was still 30*F last night but today it made it up to 53*F…the trees actually have tiny buds starting and it has been raining instead of snowing. one of the downfalls of controlled heating is that our heat has been off for almost two weeks now. the girls having been waking up around 3-4am freezing cold (even in layers of jammies). yesterday we borrowed an electric heater to warm the girls’ room up and last night they slept much better.

we had a wonderful evening with friends tonight. our friends ionica and cristina have two girls, debby and naomi. they have dolls and barbies and princesses and addy could stay there forever, playing with them!

this was my sunday morning. two princesses and one handsome fella. does it get any better than this? i seriously doubt it. ♥

Marie Klein Burtt

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