happy second birthday, mercy adoniyah klein burtt

dear mercy adoniyah,


i love you. you are giving mama a few gray hairs but all things considered, it hurts how much i love you. you helped me believe i was strong – – strong enough to give birth to you on my own. you also taught me i know nothing, when all my tried and true methods that worked on addy completely failed on you. that is how much i love you.


you have had a crazy two years, baby girl. you were born and spent three months in southern california, a month in montana, three months in northern california, thirteen months in moldova, two months in california and two months back in moldova. you have traveled more than some adults and you are only two years old. you have already been to canada, germany, romania and ukraine.


your have your own personality. you love your sissy. you want to do everything just.like.her. and yet, you have your own mercy-personality. it is a personality that mastered crawling at four months old yet refused to walk until sixteen months old. it is a personality that will refuse to eat the potatoes in your soup no matter how many goodies we try to bribe you with, yet will gobble bites of grammie’s potato in america, well, because she is your boppy and you decided her potatoes were worth eating.


some call it stubborn. some call it strong willed.


i don’t care what they call it, baby girl. you are driven, dedicated and motivated at two years old. you are going to do amazing things for the kingdom of God using this amazing personality God gave you.


you don’t talk, because…you don’t want to.


i love that about you.


last week, we were playing a matching game together on the ipad and i discovered that you can identify all your animals when i ask you, in romanian AND english. but when i ask you what a horse is named, you proudly say, “giddyup!” even though i know you could say “horse” or “cal” if you wanted to.


you have memorized every single sign your dohdoh has ever showed you. my guess right now is that your intellects are visual, musical and kinesthetic. don’t worry, mama was a teacher so she won’t let anyone tell you “how” you should learn!


you are still kind of small for your age. don’t worry, some very awesome women throughout history weren’t so big. you can’t help it that your foot is a size four at two years old. and height? who cares if you never get very “tall.” i hope you always know that you are perfect and Jesus designed every little detail about you. especially those killer chocolate eyes contrasted with that crazy-mind-of-its-own blond hair.


you don’t smile until you are ready. hehehe. no shallow, fake-ness here. you analyze, soak it all in, think and then speak, well react that is. if you can keep doing this as an adult, you have already learned something many never will.


you love minnie mouse. i don’t know where that one came from but you find minnie mouse anywhere. you also point at strange women wearing minnie mouse shirts, yelling, “minnie!minnie!me!me!minnie!” you love to give snuggles, really good ones.


anyway, i could go on and on but that is enough for now. i am so amazed at you and what you have done this past year. your daddy and i are proud of you and can’t wait to see you grow another year. thank you for all the snuggles, silly kisses and doggie licks.


happy 2nd birthday mercy adoniyah!


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On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Matthew 9:12&13



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  • traceyjay says:

    speaking of minnie, I think she’s your mini-me… at least in this picture. Precious baby girl… it’s been fun to get to know her along the way. ♥