my oldest is actually cinderella ♥

By March 9, 2012 3 Comments

she is cinderella.

and if you call her anything else…

you will probably get this reaction.

on a side crunchy note…i’ve been trying to figure out addy’s hair. her hair is still fluffy like a baby, fragile, delicate, whispy and at times, even frizzy. i hate the idea of using special shampoos or conditioners or anything in her hair. i finally found something that is really working. she gets a bath on friday morning and i rinse her hair with either water, vinegar or a little shampoo. then we towel dry and blow dry her hair. i rub a little grapeseed oil in the palms of my hands and work it into the ends of her hair. throughout the day, i keep combing it and you will see the oil work its way up. it should be completely gone by saturday but if it is still there just comb a little corn starch into the top of her head and the oily look will disappear. her hair is becoming softer and silkier before my eyes plus grapeseed oil should help her hair to grow. we do it once a week and she says her hair is turning golden like tangled!

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  • Sarah Klein says:

    I’ve been missing her a little extra today for some reason ❤

  • Kari Watson says:

    My own personal “cinderella” wants to know if Cinderella uses a binkie… I said only Addy Cinderella does. I think she was really disappointed.

    • Marie says:

      Kari, we have tried that one…telling her, “I don’t think Cinderella actually uses a binky…” but she just replies, “oh yes she does mama, she told me!” Oh well. 🙂