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teresa and i went the piață centrala today (aka the market) in search of apples and pumpkin to make baby food. and possibly use the pumpkin for this also. i bought these beauties…6 kilos for 30 lei or 13 pounds for $2.50. yeah, i know. they are apples from last fall, stored in a cellar but the ones we found still have a good crunch.

i am already in love with springtime and it isn’t even here. ♥

wild lavender. wild leeks. radishes with greens. i even found a recipe for the greens.

spinach with crazy roots

baby stinging nettle, which doesn’t sting when it is a baby. (unlike a baby rattlesnake, fyi.)

the world’s biggest carrot.

raw peanuts to roast and make peanut butter and then this.

in california it is basically illegal to sell goat’s milk privately. in moldova you can buy it in a former soda bottle. do not fear. i will pasteurize it first. this cost me 10 lei (85 cents) for .5L (a little more than a quart). cheap to me but pricey for milk.

p.s. i had another picture. but i am not tough enough to add it. so instead i will just tell you about it and you can picture my horror and just believe me when i say i am still a little scarred.

we were walking around looking for the best priced apples and i was checking out all the freshly de-feather-ed chickens and the way their heads were, um, arranged.

and then i gasped.

and gasped some more.

and almost puked.

and realized that with easter coming, i was surrounded by these poor creatures: skinned baby lambs.

and i got out of that area really fast.

but let me tell you, it almost made me a vegetarian again. actually, it might have. good news is that beans and rice and potatoes are really, really cheap.

i won’t leave you with a mental image. i can’t. instead i will leave you with this beautiful photograph. it was taken by a really cute (and somewhat short if you can’t tell) three year old who seems to know more about my iphone then i do.

darn kid.




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