santa claus is comin’ to town!

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beware. i just might post every video i haven’t posted. meaning, catch up. i have lots of random cell phone videos. but they are always too big to upload through wordpress. i used to have the free vimeo account which had a weekly limit of about 1-2 videos and i never managed to remember to upload 2 videos a week. nope. i need to be able to mass upload 10 or 20. soooooo i subscribed instead and plan on seriously uploading videos.


on that note, this video is only from yesterday. we are kind of into really into a new christmas cd i got from my brother andrew and his wifey, casey-princess (addy’s nickname for her thank you very much). they (addy and mercy) are obsessed with the santa medley. obsessed. no matter what is going on, mercy starts dancing and addy starts singing. addy got it into her head that i should record their performance. mercy almost refused to dance for the camera (her usual m.o.) but actually started dancing. if you are wondering what the heck addy is doing, look and listen carefully. she likes to sing along with the high part so she is plugging her ears so that she can hear herself sing. um hello? does that make her a natural because i didn’t prompt her or anything. don’t mind the seriousness. they were concentrating very hard on their performance. also, ignore mercy’s gangsta booty. it’s not my fault jeans were not designed for my no-booty kid.



oh and here is the song they are obsessed with:


merry christmas!

my hair stylists.

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how do i study romanian while parenting a four year old and a one and a half year old?


beauty parlor.


meets massage therapist.


i’m studying.


can’t you tell?



my monsters.

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i found this blog post and wanted to re-post it. kind of cool to read posts from a year ago. i’m also thinking about doing some sort of days of christmas “series” but i’m not quite sure the extent. maybe i am attempting too much, ha!


as we transition into the christmas swing of things, i thought these pictures might bring a little enjoyment. i call them goofball one and goofball two. maybe i should call them thing one and thing two. long ago in a galaxy not far away and before mercy was born, we had three other little girls and these monster towels from burbank ikea. so you can imagine my excitement when i found them at the bucharest ikea, asking me to buy them.


and this present is a little pre-christmas gift auntie cacey left for us. tomorrow we are going in search of our christmas tree. yay! i can’t wait, errrr, i mean the girls can’t wait!


anywho and whatnot…enjoy!


post office.

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i am becoming a “pro” at the post office. i now know how to write things like “refused inspection” in romanian and i have my passport number memorized these days.


which means that yesterday was a day for packages! a special birthday something came from dohdoh {for a later post} AND two boxes came from grandma and grandpa ducky…full of birthday party goodies, birthday gift and other things too!


mercy opened her’s first {if you can’t figure out from addy’s voice in the background, ha!}


this one is also for doh…everything princess related is now for addy’s special day, errrr, i mean sarah’s special day!


thanks grandma and grandpa – – it sure makes our day when we get goodies from you guys! ♥

cousins part one {of many, i hope!}

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our cousins have been here nine days.


every minute has been an adventure, i do believe. 🙂


i would like to add more details but since i barely have time to brush my teeth these days – – these pictures will have to do. hopefully soon i will blog about their trip and explain the pics. off the top of my head, this is what we have done so far:


cousins’ camp, mcdonalds, park, adventure walk, indoor play place, “chuckie cheese” type place and the circus.


{we may have been to the park and mcdonalds more than once. nothing quite as good as sixty cent ice cream cones.}


anyway, enjoy these for now!


mercy makes soup

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If you don’t mind a sideways video since I don’t feel like trouble shooting how to fix it…here is a fun clip of Mercy and I in the kitchen together. Dada was sick in bed (still!) and Addy was happily watching her Yo Gabba Gabba of the day, leaving me with just this munchkin to entertain.


swings and kind of swings

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i have a few blogs i would like to get posted but quite honestly, this could be the last one for a few weeks. we have a team from phoenix here to help with the church “launch.” our official sunday morning church service is october 7th. AAAANNNNDDDDD grammie and auntie cacey and spencer and emma get here in TEN days. oh my.


so enjoy this little playground picture overload. you get lots cause i was really just practicing some stuff i learned with my camera and trying to capture the goofs in real life action.


and yes, addy’s lovely green eye makeup is legit. her week old forehead tumble into the radiator managed to bruise her entire face, oh sweet white child of mine. i also love the ones of mercy trying to stand up under the swing. classic mercy.




.random forgotten pictures.

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i forgot to add these pictures a while back. i think i took them in july but the girls don’t look that much different! their love for each other is…obvious…:-D


mama and me

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mercy is a mama’s girl. every day i fall in love with her a little more. she seems so shy to others, but this is my goofy baby girl in the comfort of her own home. we call these funny faces and kissies. ♥

one year old pictures. just a tad late.

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finally…mercy adoniyah’s one year old pictures. i have been trying to upload these for at least a month! it’s the thought that counts, right?! i have a few more {with addy} but i will add those in the next post.