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i have realized a simple fact about myself and it has actually helped my holistic well being.


i am easily distracted.


silly? maybe. but my brain is taking every thing in all the time. and for some reason simply realizing this has helped me adapt, grow, and enjoy the person i was created to be.


the hubs and i have learned a lot about each other in seven years of marriage. we have learned to accept each other’s differences. he has learned that hehehe!


hence i am distracted because that isn’t why i started this post. i just wanted to post a couple funny pictures that caught my eye while we were walking around brașov.


i am pretty sure this price is missing a number but i still want to buy a hotel near the bran castle. who doesn’t want to own a bran castle hotel? hello hotel transylvania!

or a green house. i think i want to own a green house some day.

or maybe even an awesome apartment over a china restaurant?

destination christmas? yes. i am in.


or a 13 day, 3000 euro trip to california. i kind of think i can do it for cheaper.IMG_6553.JPG

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