twenty-five days of christmas crafts

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it’s a goal – – simply a goal. my hope is to do a different craft every day with addy. we will see how it goes but i can tell you now i probably will forget to take pictures of every one. however, today was a great first day of december!

we started this morning by doing box #1 of the “what God wants for christmas” nativity. we did a few crafts during the day and then we ended the day doing day #1 of our really cool, new nativity advent calendar from cousins spencer and emma.

here are a few pictures from one of our crafts. i have been wanting to do this for a while based on the following facts:
1. we have a million skinny crayons
2. addy prefers to break skinny crayons than color with them
3. this is way cuter!

i took the paper of the crayons. i started off my tearing it, which was time consuming. then i got the brilliant idea and used my craft x-acto blade and the paper came off in one piece.

addy’s job was to break the crayons. she loved it probably because i was letting her do something i’m usually telling her not to!

this was addy’s way of telling me it was time to take a break. tip #1 – – if you want to have a successful toddler craft time, let them take breaks when they want to. tip #2 – – don’t be task oriented! at one point we were just playing in the crayons. i am constantly reminded how kinesthetic and tactile my little girl is. <3

here she is with her entire bowl of crayons and in desperate need of a hair clip!

i read a few blogs that said to oil muffin tins and fill them with the crayons. it sounded difficult and i had these silicon christmas muffin pans. i didn’t oil them or anything. just fill them with any color combination you want.

i put them in our oven (250 degrees?) for i don’t know how long. i just checked them perdiodically and took them out when the crayons were melted and water-y looking. stir them a little or a lot. if you want swirls, just stir them until they aren’t water-y. or completely blend the colors together.

the silicon muffin pans are awesome! the crayons peel right out without any trouble. oh, let them cool for a while and you can even stick them in the fridge once they are cool to touch.

this is just the first batch. we have more cooling as i type this. even sarah helped make some!

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