a bit of moldova

By Family, Moldova

a compilation of pictures from life in chisinau…




a rainy day means a picture without people.
IMG_9237i would like to think i have become the kefir master.

IMG_9905hmmmm, hopefully it is natural, not some reaction to pesticides!

IMG_9839yes, yes we did buy our children an inside trampoline in an apartment. they. love. it.

IMG_0092i have no idea. but they were for sale at the grocery store. last month.

IMG_9709a little summer addition to our park.

IMG_0616living in the center adds new fun, like playing a game of “spot the foreigner.”

IMG_9461what’s weird about this picture? nothing. except i am wearing my fall jacket. and it was july. can’t really complain though!

IMG_0615some days i need my fall jacket, other days i need moldovan air conditioning.

IMG_0364maybe i am missing something but i’m confused why moldova is remembering an american astronaut.

IMG_0679i am going to guess that our neighbors did NOT leave a forwarding address for their bills.

IMG_0367impromptu baby dedication at church.

IMG_9900the mamas and the dads prayed for their kids. pretty cool.

IMG_9899father’s day with daddy’s youngest princess.

IMG_0106and his oldest princess.


new prayer card/picture!

By Family, Moldova

my sister sarah took this awesome picture. she also designed it into this super cool prayer card. i know, i know – – it’s nice to be related to talent, huh?


Adobe Photoshop PDF
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one year. ago.

By Family, Moldova

we said goodbye.
IMG_0407we traveled for a really long time. we had nine carry-on bags {including things like sewing machines} plus a carseat and a stroller. we fell asleep standing up. we spent hours in the frankfurt airport. we landed in the middle of a record cold winter and drove all night to chisinau. we moved into a soviet-era apartment less than a week later. and slowly, ever so slowly, we made it our home.


we’ve shed tears. we’ve been angry. we’ve laughed until we cried again. mercy has learned to walk in this country. gosh, mercy has now lived over half of her life in moldova. addy gave up her pacifer of over three years and started attending moldovan preschool. marie found gray hairs on her head and discovered she loves kefir. christian discovered his love for moldovan sourdough bread and hatred for meat jello.


we have had visitors and each one has meant so much to us. we learned that spring and summer are pretty nice months in moldova. we’ve made friends.


we’ve studied language. and studied. and studied.


can you believe it has been one year?


p.s. if you want a new prayer card, please go here.


p.p.s. we would love to see you while we are in california. stay tuned for the sundays we will be at skyline church and the sundays we will be at auburn grace community church.


thanks for praying for us each and every day we’ve been here!

santa claus is comin’ to town!

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beware. i just might post every video i haven’t posted. meaning, catch up. i have lots of random cell phone videos. but they are always too big to upload through wordpress. i used to have the free vimeo account which had a weekly limit of about 1-2 videos and i never managed to remember to upload 2 videos a week. nope. i need to be able to mass upload 10 or 20. soooooo i subscribed instead and plan on seriously uploading videos.


on that note, this video is only from yesterday. we are kind of into really into a new christmas cd i got from my brother andrew and his wifey, casey-princess (addy’s nickname for her thank you very much). they (addy and mercy) are obsessed with the santa medley. obsessed. no matter what is going on, mercy starts dancing and addy starts singing. addy got it into her head that i should record their performance. mercy almost refused to dance for the camera (her usual m.o.) but actually started dancing. if you are wondering what the heck addy is doing, look and listen carefully. she likes to sing along with the high part so she is plugging her ears so that she can hear herself sing. um hello? does that make her a natural because i didn’t prompt her or anything. don’t mind the seriousness. they were concentrating very hard on their performance. also, ignore mercy’s gangsta booty. it’s not my fault jeans were not designed for my no-booty kid.



oh and here is the song they are obsessed with:


merry christmas!

my hair stylists.

By Family, Kids, Moldova

how do i study romanian while parenting a four year old and a one and a half year old?


beauty parlor.


meets massage therapist.


i’m studying.


can’t you tell?