you turned one here with a snowmen party.


your foster brother moved the day after you turned two and i was obviously a little overwhelmed. i was also throwing up hourly thanks to your sissy. therefore you have no two year old blog. but the good news is that i have moved past mom-guilt. kind of.


you turned three and i was obviously doing a little better.


i was amazing by the time you turned four even with a slideshow!


the ever so slightyreally late post when you turned five years old.


and now you are here. technically there are so many other posts i could reminice about but i haven’t even planned your party. or wrapped your gifts.


i used to worry about what we were “doing” to you. maybe most kids don’t have four siblings come and go before they are two. or get a permanent sibling while losing all other “permanencies” in their lives. or move across the sea when they are three. or move to yet another country when they are five. or start four different schools all in a foreign language. i used to wonder if we were “ruining” you.


but then i watch you. your smile. your courage. your gifts and strengths. your passionate heart and keen mind. your ability to flawlessly speak in two different languages, sometimes at the exact same time i think. not a lot of six year olds completely understand geography and continents and time differences the way you do. not a lot of six years that i know of are world wide travelers.


and i watch you understand love and family and friends. you understand that while our life takes commitment, it also gives us amazing memories. you are one of the strongest, sweetest, most passionate and creative six year olds that i know.


love ya kid.


thanks for making me a mama.


{that forty-nine hour labor was totally worth it. i even promise to someday stop holding it over your head.}



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